Who I am. What I do and and why I do it. - Lisa Savage
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Who I am. What I do and and why I do it.


I started out in business in 1998. I had been in a large, prestigious private practice and was miserable. I needed to make a change and I did. Much to the surprise of the doctor I worked for, I leased an office in the suite right next door. I furnished my office with hand-me-downs, put a shingle up and established my solo mental health practice. The early days, I sat around waiting and worrying because the clients weren’t coming. Yet I persisted because I knew it was exactly where I needed and wanted to be. Eventually my clientele increased. I was able to pay the bills and I began to feel settled. Even as I got more financially comfortable, I continued to dream about what the next level would be for me. I wanted to create a practice that served the needs of children and families thorough out my state. I wanted to serve as an educational portal for people seeking information on issues that effect children. In 2010, I started working on that goal. Within 2 years, my practice grew from one person to 13 therapists. I had contracts with over 45 local schools to provide on site mental health services. My practice revenue had increased beyond 1million dollars. I had arrived. I had achieved my goals. I was happy. My practice continues to be recognized for the high quality services we provide.
In the midst of growing my practice, I got married. My husband is brilliant. I mean knock you to your knees smart. He, too, is a self-employed, owning 6 businesses. We’re super busy, but our focus is on living and enjoying life. We are also bound by the belief that we have to share our knowledge, expertise and experience with others. He’s a man of second chances. He will hire people who might have made poor choices in their past. He works to develop his staff so that one day, if they choose, they can become business owners. Last year, he and I joined forces. I conducted staff trainings and one on one coaching with some of his employees. In six months, his sales grew by 30%. That’s huge! In part, I attribute that growth to us focusing in on his staff’s strengths, holding them accountable and helping them to develop latent skills. It’s been an awesome and fun process.
I am using my skills as a highly trained, experienced and licensed mental health professional to help people in different ways. You’re all familiar with the term coach. In fact, every time I see someone calling themselves a coach, a piece of me cringes. Not that I don’t value coaching, but I feel like it’s suddenly become a trend for people who don’t have the skills or training to call themselves a coach. I’m calling myself a Life enhancement Facilitator (c). I believe that you already know the answers but sometimes life requires us to seek the guidance of someone who can help to facilitate change. I use evidence based tools and skills that I have as a mental health professional to assist you in enhancing your life. I know how to listen. I know the questions to ask. I know how to give you actionable tasks to take you from —talk to change.
I only specialize in three areas, because they are the areas I know the most about and have the most experience with.
Emotional eating
Relationship enhancement

I know how to help you gain control over your eating and get healthy. I know how to help you feel better about yourself. I know how to create lasting self-love.

Relationships can be challenging. In fact, finding a healthy partner can feel impossible. I start at the core by helping women to look at themselves. I help women to go the root of their struggles and discover why they can’t find ‘the one” and why they’ve experienced relationship failure. I help women to become ‘the one’. I also guide women to making the tough decision to get out of unhealthy relationships.

Being an entrepreneur is more than a title. It involves being strategic, understanding your audience, marketing and hard work. You also have to have a strong desire to create something that’s yours. I needed to break free from the constraints of others. That was the driving factor in my decision to take the chance on me. I’ll never work for anyone else again. I know how to reinvent myself and make decisions that keep me financially solvent. Sound like you? I’ll get you there by helping you to with a step by step guide, homework assignments, readings. If you need financial consultation, I’ll bring in my husband who help you to demystify complicated matters that will either make or break you.

Career changers–Click here to start your journey

Need relationship enhancement–sign up here

Struggling with emotional eating and want to get healthy and lose weight, click this link.

Once you sign up and pay, you’ll get access to my calendar where you can set up appointments at times that work for the both of us. We’ll meet online using a secure connection and then we’ll facilitate you to the process of enhancing your life.

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