Grab the opportunity now before it's too late - Lisa Savage
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Grab the opportunity now before it’s too late


Did you ever think of great idea and before you knew it, someone else had acted on your thoughts? You never said it out loud yet someone else co-opted your great idea. Someone else has usurped your dream and now they’re capitalizing on it. It has been happening to me often lately. I had a great idea for a blog post and before I knew it, someone else wrote on the same theme. Not only that, her post went viral and was shared all over social media. Gah! How could I be angry with her? I was mad at myself. Why did I meditate so long on the thought and not act on it when it first came to mind? Has this happened to you? That’s a dumb question, because it happens to all us. How is it that a thought, so brilliant and unique, becomes someone else’s ticket to greatness and success?

Allow me to get metaphysical on you for a minute. Once we put a thought in the universe, if not acted upon, it becomes free for someone else to pick up on. If they’re smart and often they are, they own it. For those of us who take too much time to act, overthink and analyze, we’re left, literally watching our dreams fly right by us. Argh! It’s so frustrating when it happens, but we have the power to change it. We can make a decision to allow it to continue to happen or make another choice. The other choice is to act on our great ideas with swift and decisive action. It’s a call to action for us to take a risk, believe in our ability to manifest that which we desire. Any other decisions, give others permission to claim the idea and make it their own.

I’m chasing my dreams. I’m manifesting the life I desire and I’m acting swiftly on my ideas. I have lots of great ideas and even if they don’t go on to produce millions, I’ll never know unless I give it my best shot. My businesses are the result of swift, strategic and intentional actions. As I push forward to other entrepreneurial pursuits, I have to remember to act and not overthink. I know how to do this. Otherwise, it’s like giving away a winning lottery ticket. Lately, I’ve given away a couple of winning tickets.

Want your own winning lottery ticket? Tired of seeing your dreams slip by and having others capitalize on your great ideas? Dissatisfied with where you are in your life? Need step by step guidance to manifest your ideal living? Click below and sign up to work with me–the dream catcher! The freedom maker!

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