I'm going to do it anyway. - Lisa Savage
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I’m going to do it anyway.


On January 19, 2017, I’m going to launch a year-long training intensive for therapists who want to start a private practice or for seasoned therapists who want to increase their revenue. I’ve toyed with this idea for three years and kept deferring to the opinions of others. “It’s too much work”. “There are others who have done the same thing”.

Well, I’m doing it anyway. I have built two successful practices in Delaware and know a lot about creating mental health businesses that provide quality services and generate excellent revenue. I’m creative and have developed models of service provision that have gotten positive recognition. The need for mental health services is increasing and so is the need for providers with sustainable practices. If I can help others develop successful practices, it becomes a win-win situation.

For this training intensive, I have partnered with experts from around the world. (I know some dope people). Participants will be guided step by step with resources, forms, legal consultation, HIPAA training, virtual mental health, health care integration and so much more. Each month, you’ll get a new lesson and training. You’ll have access to a forum to share your stuff with others and get support.

There will also be a clinical component where participants will receiving training and resources on:

working with LGBT+Q populations
trauma and military families
sex therapy and creating a sex positive attitude
assessing and measuring clinical success

There will also be specialty sections

school-based mental health
community-based mental health
health care integration

We will address anxiety and fear of starting a business and help participants to move from fear to action. We’ll discuss becoming comfortable with charging people for services.

This training will be conducted online using a membership site. There will be two levels of membership–novice and experienced therapists. The training will materials will be forever available to participants.

So there you have it. I jokingly call this training—a practice in a box. That’s because you’ll unpack everything you need to open the doors and create a career that you love and a life you feel good about.

So here’s the deal–I’m expecting at least 300 participants. Will I accept everyone who signs up? Nope. You have to demonstrate some level of readiness. Click the link below and get on my list. By the end of next week, I will personally email you and we can chat about your goals and together, we’ll make sure this is the right program and right time for you. You’ll also learn about my personal guarantee. There will be no unsatisfied customers if I have anything to do with it 🙂

So yup, I’m doing it anyway!

Registration Link!

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