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Creating a mental shift for weight loss and better health


I’ve found that whenever I try something new or challenging, it requires a shift in my thinking, which in turn, creates a shift in my choices and behaviors. When I set out to improve my eating habits and get healthier, I was unprepared for the mental shifts required to make it happen.
First, I had to conquer the “I can’t” thinking. You might not be aware of how often you say the phrase–I can’t. I’m willing to bet it’s more often than you realize. Note the next time you say it, and ask yourself if it’s realistic or are you selling yourself short.

Here’s an example from my life. I’ve never been a runner. All of these years, I told myself–I can’t run to the end of the street. One day my husband, who is a marathon runner, challenged me. He took me to the local track and said, run! I was determined to show him my limitations so I trotted off, expecting to make it a few yards and then fall from lack of oxygen. As I began to run, I was surprised that my prediction didn’t happen. I ran and ran and ran. Before I knew it, I had made it around the entire track. I felt a sense of accomplishment, but resolved that I didn’t need to re-experience it again. Then he suggested I do it again. Argh! But I made it around the track again without much struggle. Yay me. I felt on top of the world. That day, I learned an important lesson, and that was to challenge myself anytime I think– I CAN’T. I’ve since gone on to run a 5k and actually enjoy running.

Next, I had to change how I view food. Most of my life I looked at food as a source of emotional fulfillment. I had to shift from seeing food as a source of enjoyment to a source of physical nurturance. I still love food, but I don’t rely on it for emotional satisfaction. I’ve found other ways to fulfill my emotional needs. I make mindful choices and am aware of my emotional states such that I’m no longer vulnerable to eating based solely on emotion. (read previous email on emotional vs physical hunger)

I never enjoyed exercising, but I’ve learned that I have to. It does amazing things for the mind, body and soul. Every time I try to convince myself that I don’t feel like exercising, I give myself a gentle reminder, that I need it. I focus on the positive benefits and how great I feel afterwards. Hardly a day goes by where I don’t get some form of physical exercise. If I’ve been sitting for an hour, I get up and move. I don’t look at exercise as torture of something that I should do. I see it as pleasurable and something that I want to do.

I’ve also learned to place higher value on my self. Eating out of control, not exercising, and giving up before I try, are all indications of a person who has low self-esteem and worth. I had to change that and did. I’ve learned not to people please and to focus on all aspects of my well-being–physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Once I did this, with intention, I began to experience greater self-acceptance and it made other things a lot easier.

These simple yet, powerful mental shifts have helped me tremendously. Not only have I seen changes in my physical health, but I’ve also been able to accomplish more on a personal and professional level.

Here’s to your mental shift and improved overall health.


I turned the corner and didn’t expect the mountain


I walk. A lot. It’s the time I take for myself. I get great exercise and I find it meditative. Today, the weather is splendid and I was feeling especially adventurous. I decided to take another path through a part of the neighborhood that was new to me. I had gotten up to a pretty good pace, turned the corner and there it was–a street with a very high incline. My immediate instinct was to turn around and head in another direction. I literally stood still for five seconds, because I knew that my impulse to flee didn’t feel right. So I walked onward and faced this challenge. I remembered all of my lessons and hard work I’ve done to avoid negative thoughts and to not tell myself that I can’t.

As I pushed up the steep incline, I thought it was a metaphor for cultivating mental toughness. The muscles in my legs have gotten stronger over time. My lungs are far more capable than they used to be. It’s because I’ve worked hard to increase my physical toughness. So walking the incline was less physically challenging than I anticipated. As I’m getting stronger physically, I’m also building my mental strength.The higher I climbed, the more confident I started to feel.

Mental toughness is as important, if not more important than physical agility. Life will put hills in your life when you least expect it. If you’re not in a place where you are mentally tough, you will quickly and easily convince yourself that you’re unable to traverse that hill and, ultimately feel stuck. You’ll feel like that mountain is insurmountable.You’ll want to run and hide, but soon you will realize there is no place to turn and that you have to get over that mountain. Once you start the trek, the confidence will come. But you must start the journey. The thoughts telling you that you– can’t, allow you to disengage from your self and ultimately the challenges of life.
So today, I moved that mountain and gave myself a chance to cultivate more mental muscle. How will you handle your next unexpected mountain?


Weight loss challenge anyone?

Lose 10 pounds with me

As you know, one of my coaching specialities is emotional eating. I believe that most people who are overweight have some level of emotional connection to food. I’ve conquered my own unhealthy relationship with food and have lost the weight. I’ve gotten healthier and I’ve created a map plan for helping others do the same.
I want to lose ten more pounds and would love to have others join me in this challenge. I’m going to start September 1, 2015 and end the challenge on October 15, 2015. That gives us six weeks to drop the weight. Come on, with encouragement, tips, tools and guidance on what really works, you will lose the weight. There’s nothing to buy and nothing to lose but the weight. You’ll need to register because I’ll be emailing you to encourage you, give you healthy recipes and show you how I’m doing it. Here’s the fun part—-everyone who registers before or on Sept. 1, will be entered into a raffle for a FIT BIT CHARGE. I love mine and it really helps in the weight loss challenge.
Click this link to sign up. Let’s drop ten pounds and take a step toward greater health and happiness.


Your fear makes you more vulnerable


Fear is immobilizing and allows one to feel stuck.  Fear of change.  Fear of doing something different.  Fear of staying the same.  Fear of success.  Fear of failure.   All of this fear is, in fact, making you more vulnerable.   Change happens and is constant.  If you’re bound by fear, the inevitable changes of life will knock you for a loop, catch you off guard and render you powerless.   The only way around fear is through it.  Embrace your feelings and go forth.   The process of facing your fears will make you stronger.  That’s not to suggest that you will be impervious to failure, obstacles or other eventualities, it does suggest that you will always grow and learn from taking risks.

If your desire is to start a new business, but you spend more time dreaming about it rather than creating it, you’re allowing fear to control you.   Are you unhappy in a relationship, but you stay because you fear the unknown or being alone?    You are sentencing yourself to misery, blocking any other possibilities, and putting the power of your happiness in the hands of another person.  Is that really what you want?  Getting healthier–physically or emotionally involves a bit of risk.  Many people are unhealthy on many levels because the fear of change is greater than the desire to change.  Powerful, huh?

Start releasing your fear, by being honest and aware of your feelings.  When the feelings arise, don’t push them away.  Embrace them. Acknowledge their presence, but don’t run from them. Then start to take steps toward that change. If you don’t know where or how to start, get professional assistance. Next, decide that you want change more than anything and that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to realize that change.  Yes, it involves sacrifice.  Yes, it might cost you.  Yes, you might have to let go of being comfortable, but what’s on the other side, will be much more enriching.  Your personal growth and development is tied to letting go of fear and jumping into the precipice even when you don’t know where you’ll land.

Allow me to help you in your change process. Well, that’s if you’re ready to release the fear. Sign up for personal, life changing coaching. Get an accountability partner. Get access to the most powerful tools for change. Join others who have already started the change process and who are on the way to creating the life they want.


Get off the roller coaster and start making money

Get off the roller coaster and start enjoying your life! A year and a half ago, I set out on a mission to increase my revenue and simplify my life. I had no idea the direction I’d move in, but I can tell you, it’s been quite rewarding. As you might know, I’m a mental health professional and have been in business for over 18 years. I loved being a practitioner in private practice because it afforded me the opportunity to use my skills, connect with the people I knew I could help, and work independent of the structure of agencies. Until recent years, I found much gratification.

The past two years have been extremely challenging. My practice faces many challenges brought on by sudden and unexpected changes by insurance companies. I’ve had to increase my overhead to hire additional staff in order to stay on top of billing and reimbursement. My admin staff spends hours on the phone with insurance companies just to collect payment rightfully due to us.HIPAA compliance is another source of stress. We’ve done everything to sure up our compliance, yet at the end of the day, I’m still concerned about what will happen if there’s a breech. The psychological stress and uncertanty is overwhelming.
There are many changes yet to come, and most of us aren’t able to predict the impact they will have on us as professionals. It’s been predicted that with the onset of ICD10, many health care practices will go under, simply because huge changes in how to diagnose and the requirements for documentation will be huge obstacles. Additionally, many practices were will go under because insurance companies will have stricter requirements for being paneled.
The affordable health care act was commendable. However, unbeknownst to many providers and consumers are the huge deductibles that accompany many of the plans. Many consumers won’t be able to afford to pay them and unless providers have aggressive and ample administrative support, getting paid will be even more challenging and costly.
A year ago, I set out to discover how to diversify my revenue streams. I took an online course that literally changed my life. It was hosted by Dr. Ruth Buczynski. The cost was over one thousand dollars and she had over 500 attendees in the course. You do the math! I loved every minute of the class because it opened my eyes to opportunities I was unaware of.
I’ve spend the last two years studying and creating a successful revenue source based on what I learned in that course. It’s been so rewarding and life changing. I started blogging and created online courses. As of today, I have over 8 thousand subscribers on a couple of different platforms. My focus is on providing educational opportunities to consumers on topics ranging from parenting to self-harm, relationships, women’s empowerment, emotional eating and others.
My first online course was on the topic of toxic stress and the developing mind. We had over eighty five people sign up for that course at the cost of 35.00 each. It was so rewarding and we reached people all over the world. Since that time, I’ve co-facilitated other online courses and webinars with other providers. It’s been a lot of fun and financially fruitful. . I still own and manage two practices and have thirteen therapists who work in the practices. I see clients 1.5 days a weeks and it’s a mostly a self-pay population. . I spend my other time working from the comfort of my home, creating courses and teaching others. I maintain my practices because they continue to earn revenue and they provide other therapists with an opportunity to practice their craft and earn money. Personally, I’ve moved in a different direction.This past April, my husband and I spent three weeks relaxing and enjoying two amazing cities–Paris and London (See picture of the hotel in Paris below). Even as I vacationed in Europe, I continued to earn money because my courses are online, for consumers to access any time they wish.I would love to show you how to do this. I encounter therapists who are frustrated, confused and not earning the kind of money they thought they would after completing all of the requirements to practice independently.


My hotel in Paris!  Oui Oui!

I am starting a course in September for professionals who want off the roller coaster and who want a simpler life. I want to show other professionals how I continue to earn very good revenue, live a simpler life and don’t have to worry about HIPPA, ACA, deductibles, ICD-10, audits or a corporation dictating to me how I practice. Forbes magazine has predicted that the demand for online courses will grow to 50 billion dollars in 2016. Why not join in that movement considering it’s wide open now.
This course will run for 6 weeks. It will guide you step by step on how to set up online courses, build a viable business, and provide you with all of the resources I use to get started. I’ll show you how I created an online presence of over eight thousand subscribers and how to use your expertise to create courses that appeal to your audience. I’ll show you what inexpensive software I use to design my courses, how to price, and simple techniques for blogging. You’ll learn the pitfalls to avoid and benefit from the learning I gained from mistakes. I will share with you everything I learned from the course I took and how it inspired me to use my skills in a different way. Lastly, I’ll show you how Facebook offers a vast land of opportunities to easily grow your business.

Please feel free to visit my blogs at or I have two others, but these are the ones that are the more popular. My major focus is on the following areas: career changers, women’s issues and emotional eating. I know a lot about these topics and I’ve parlayed my expertise into making money. You have an expertise and you should be paid accordingly. You don’t need to be licensed either. You will not be diagnosing, treating or even assessing people for mental health issues. You will be teaching and you don’t need a license to do that. This is perfect for the professional who wants to reach more people, but not interested in going the typical route or dealing with the ongoing challenges of getting paid. This takes the guess work out and you get paid upfront.
I’ll reach back out to you in late August with the details on how to sign up for this exciting opportunity. If you want less stress, increased revenue and the ability to work closely aligned with what you value, take this course. I’ll offer a discount if you pay the entire fee upfront, but I will also offer payment plans to make it more affordable. If you follow my step by step suggestions the money you invest in this opportunity will pay off triple fold and more. I will also host three live sessions so that you can ask me questions in real time and learn how I do what I’m doing. I love what I have created and again, I enjoy having more control and predictability over my finances. I had a lot of anxiety when I started out on this process, but I learned to overcome my self-doubt and put action to my thoughts. I will share with you how I was able to overcome my anxiety and push my online businesses to where they are today.

Please share this email with other professionals who are looking to have a greater impact and who want more financial freedom. Again, you don’t need a license to do what I’m doing. You just need to follow my step by step guide and you’ll achieve success.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at You can expect a swift response.

P.S I offer a guarantee with this course. If after the first 3 sessions, you don’t feel it’s for you, I will refund any money paid right back to you. This is an investment and if it isn’t working for you, I will not keep your money. I feel confident that you can achieve the level of success that I have.

Click this link to get on my mailing list to stay informed of the courses I will offer:


Four foods that help to lose weight?




Dr. David Perlmutter, is a renown neurologist who specializes in weight loss and overall health. He says that if we add four foods to our diet, we will lose weight. I’ve summarized it for you in brief form. Click below to see how these four super foods can assist you in losing weight. I was surprised by number 2 because it’s not something you’d think would help in losing weight.


Click here to read about the superpower foods that assist with weight loss. I’ve consumed all four today.


My journey to weight loss, healing and hope.

I lost weight.  It took years of trying, but once I accepted that I had an emotional connection to food, it became a lot easier.  I made four simple changes to my lifestyle.  What I didn’t realize was how powerful these changes would be. I re-gained my self-esteem, lost weight and am so much more happier.   View my video then click the link below to get access to my transformative steps to losing the weight and increasing your self-love.

Click here my plan. It’s free.

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