Don't fall for the shiny, new penny. - Lisa Savage
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Don’t fall for the shiny, new penny.

Hey, look over here. I have a shiny new penny. *All eyes glaze front and center*. We’ve all done it before–being enticed by the next great thing. I see therapists, especially those who are new to private practice, jump from one idea to the next because it looks or sounds good or there’s the promise of financial success. There are tons of great ideas, but none better or worse than the ones you’re capable of creating. One of the predictors of success is not in following someone else’s shiny penny but creating one for yourself. Resist allowing yourself to get distracted by chasing someone else’s vision and get focused on your own.

1. What are you good at doing? How can you become an expert in this area? More training? More education? More experience?
2. Think back to a project that you completed? Write down step by step how you created this project. Be sure to list what went right, what you learned in the process and how you can replicate it for greater success.
3. Take risks. Most people shy away from risk taking because they fear failure. Much of my growth personally and professionally has come from taking risks and not focusing on failing.  Having this mindset is freeing.
4. Think about a topic that you know that about that the general population does not. Now, figure out how you can monetize this knowledge. Write a book? Teach a class? Conduct a workshop.
5. Call upon your creativity. It’s there, but you have to give room for it to rise. Comparing ourselves to others will kill any creative juices. Stop comparing, stop copying and your creativity will come.
6. Forget perfection. Just get it done. You can always go back to an idea or project and tweak it. If you focus on making it perfect, you will not get it done.

Being focused is at the center of success. Stop allowing the shiny penny to blind you to creating a goal, project, or product of your own.

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